Apply for COVID Relief

Change is a word everyone’s become all too familiar with this year, and as COVID restrictions continue to change, so does the way we interact, operate and work. To help people manage and adapt to the latest lockdown, there are an array of relief packages, resources, and financial support available for households and businesses. Depending on your situation and circumstance, you may be eligible to apply.

The Tax Institute has complied a document titled the ‘2021 COVID-19 Support Measures’ which has everything in one spot, from JobSaver to Micro Business Support Grants. It is filled with clear details for those who want to properly understand the assessable criteria of their application. To save you some time we have outlined some of the topics we have been receiving questions about along with the relevant page numbers. These are included below:

• For workers who have been unable to earn an income, head to page 3 for information on the COVID-19 Disaster Payments.

• For employees looking for help with payroll, go to page 5 and see if you’re eligible for JobSaver.

• If you have experienced a decrease in revenue greater than 30%, turn to page 6 to review the Business Support Grant and eligibility criteria.

• To see what your business might be eligible for based on turnover, check out the table from page 15.

While these initiatives are still new, Wollongong Business Accountants have learnt the ins and outs of these processes and are helping many local businesses apply for the relief they need. We understand that there is a huge amount of uncertainty for business owners at this time and so we are happy to help where we can and offer our support. If you need help, chat to our team today.